Our annual fundraising is in October. If you missed it, then just go ahead and press DONATE! Your contribution will help us provide underrepresented communities access to quality computer science and technology education programs. In addition, scholarships and fellowships are awarded annually through the foundation.

"As we all know, children are our future, and with that being said education is of the utmost importance. Accelerate4Kids brings a new viewpoint to Computer Science and STEAM education. I have witnessed firsthand how excited the children are participating the Accelerate4Kids’ programs and I am even more excited to see the programs being brought to Detroit."

Erin Grant, Community Development Loan Officer

at Cinnaire and Accelerate4KIDS Board Member


Partner with us and help extend the scope of our programs to communities and families that needs it most.


There are a number of ways you can support our initiative and educate children for tomorrow. Donate today!


You can give back to your community by volunteering and helping us with local events and programs.